Q: Do I have to be a nonprofit organization to apply?
A: No, any type of organization may apply – including government agencies.

Q: Can an individual apply for funding?
A: Yes, if they are engaged in cultural tourism activities.

Q: Do I have to be based in Bend to apply?
A: No; however, your activity must benefit Bend.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria that will determine if the panel reviews the application?
1. Does the proposed program have the immediate or long-term potential of attracting incremental tourists from outside a 50 mile radius of Bend?
2. Is the proposed program base in arts and/or culture?
3. Has the application been completed?

Q: What activities can be funded by this grant?
A: The definition is from ORS 305.824 and can include any of the following activities:
  • Advertising, publicizing or distributing information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists;
  • Conducting strategic planning and research necessary to stimulate future tourism development;
  • Operating tourism promotion agencies; and
  • Marketing.
Q: What is included in the scope of cultural activites?
A: The BCTF identifies cultural activities broadly as:
Destinations and activities that include historical sites, modern urban districts, "ethnic pockets" of town and fairs/festivals.

Q: Do you have any examples of Cultural Tourism acitivies?
A: Yes, there are some in the tab EXAMPLES - on the menu bar.

Q: Where can I find information on Bend Tourism?
A: Visit Bend has a lot of public information on its website, http://www.visitbend.com/About-Us/summer-survey-2008/
as well as this report: http://www.visitbend.com/RRC-FINAL.pdf

Q: How much money is available for granting?
A: The amount available is determined on an annual basis – funds are allocated from Visit Bend, with 7.5% of the total annual public funding allocated by the City of Bend.
This year we anticipate about $200,000 for both categories.

Q: How much can we request in an application?
A: You can ask for what you need to have a successful project. Do keep in mind that there are limited public funds available, and not all competitive applications will receive funding. It is possible that an applicant will only receive a portion of their request.

Q: Is there a match required?
A: No, however we anticipate that this will be a competitive process, so an organization or individual that has more resources invested in the project may be viewed as more competitive.

Q: What is the grant deadline?
A: April 14, 2017, 5:00 p.m.

Q: When will grant awards be made?
A: The Comission will review and make grant announcements at its public meeting, currently scheduled for May 23, 2017. The grant award period will begin July 1, 2017 and go through June 30, 2018.

Q: We missed the Letter of Intent (LOI) deadline [February 28, 2017] Can we still apply for a grant?
A: Yes. We will use the LOI as a way to determine how successful our outreach has been in the community, and to determine what kind of technical assistance might help applicants the most.

Q: We missed the grant application deadline. Can we still apply for a grant?
A: No. You will have to apply at the next deadline.

Q: May we submit more than one grant application per deadline?
A: Yes; you may apply once in each category.

Q:If we receive funds in this round, may we apply again next year?
A: Yes

Q: If we are a named partner in one application, can we be the lead applicant in another?
A: If it is a different activity, yes.

Q: How will grant awards be determined?
A: The Bend Cultural Tourism Fund Commission will review, comment, score and make grant awards at a public meeting, date and time to be announced later. .

Q: Will there be more than one deadline this year?
A: At this time (2017) no. As we develop more funds for the application we anticipate increasing the number of deadlines.

Q: The application asks for the designation of a month that the activities will take place. What if my activities occur over a number of months?
A: Choose the month when the primary tourist participation will occur. For example, if you are proposing a festival that occurs in February, but you will have to incur much of the costs prior to the event, use February as the month of impact. Keep in mind that if you do not have a time that will get 20 points, it will be very difficult to be competitive.

Q: Who should I contact if these don’t address my questions?
A: Contact Shannon Planchon, our contracted program administrator: Shannon@PlanchonConsulting.com or 503/467-8599.